Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas


The Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas (SIDH) is based in Kempty, 12km outside of Mussoorie in the Central Himalayas. Located in the Jaunpur block of the Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, SIDH is committed to providing meaningful, relevant, and holistic education to local children and youth. SIDH’s primary mission is to use education as a tool for social change and to encourage a more meaningful exploration and dialogue, not only in the social and political spheres but also within individual mindsets. Currently SIDH operates 11 schools from the pre-primary level through high school and serves nearly 500 children in 40 villages of the Aglar Valley in Jaunpur. SIDH has expanded to include youth courses, teacher training, educational research, advocacy, and publication units, thus reaching out to all those concerned with quality in education.

SIDH is composed of a team of young, local, and committed individuals who are viewed as leaders in the community. The SIDH team members have been successful in encouraging youth and women’s groups to address various issues concerning women’s health, education, agriculture, and village economies.

SIDH believes that education should promote understanding of the self and its relationship with the body, family, society, nature, and all of existence. It is about eliciting this understanding and living our lives accordingly. At SIDH, we believe that it is also important to challenge today’s dominant notions of who is “civilized” and who is “backward,” what is “scientific” and what is “modern.” We ask all to join us in our journey as we continue to work for change, reaching out to teachers, children, youth, and members of the community.






Jeevan Vidya


Sh. Kishan Patnaik

Sh. Samdhong Rinpoche

Sh. Agrahari Nagraj


Children are the future. We at SIDH strive to instill self confidence, sense of responsibility, respect for community & nature and a exploring & examining approach towards life.

Youth is strength. We at SIDH try and give youth a sense of direction, make them look deeper into issues, motivate them to question with responsibility and provide support for them to take up constructive and creative endeavours. 

Teachers are a powerful influence on the society. We at SIDH engage teachers through training programmes, workshops & conferences, to look at education as a means for building purposeful, prosperous and joyful society.

Local Community is where we evaluate the impact that our activities are having. Along with this, we try and ensure that traditional knowledge systems are respected, nurtured and shared.


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